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Roderik Krebbers



Phone: +31 (0)24 365 2380
E-mail: Roderik.Krebbers at ru.nl

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Roderik Krebbers did his BSc degree in Science (specialization Physics & Chemistry) at Radboud University. In 2021, he obtained his MSc degree in Physical Chemistry (Cum Laude) at the same university. As a part of this degree, he did an internship within the Trace Gas Research Group under supervision of Frans Harren on Fourier transform spectroscopy using mid-infrared supercontinuum sources. Following the graduation, he continued as a PhD candidate at Radboud University.

Currently, the PhD project is centered around applications of mid-infrared supercontinuum sources in spectroscopy. This involves analysis of plasma-catalytic chemical reactions as well as outdoor monitoring of polluting gaseous compounds, as part of the TRIAGE project.


  • TRIAGE: Ultra-broadband infrared gas sensor for pollution detection sensor (EU Horizon 2020 - industrial leadership programme under grant agreement No 101015825)