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Yueyu Lin

Yueyu Lin


Phone: +31 (0)24 365 2380
E-mail: Yueyu.Lin at science.ru.nl

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Yueyu Lin, born in China, received his bachelor in 2018 and master degree in 2021 from South China Normal University. Now he is a new PhD candidate of Life Science Trace Detection Laboratory, Analytical Chemistry and Chemometrics Department, under the supervision of Prof. (associate) Simona M. Cristescu.

Education background
In 2014, after the university entrance exam, he went to South China Normal university to start his undergraduate student life and majored in Electronics Science and Technology at the department of Physics and Telecommunication Engineering. From 2016 to 2018, he joined the research group of Prof. Zhanghan and started his path of research. In the period of two years, he won several awards and his team was announced as the Best Innovation Team of South China Normal University in 2018. After graduation, he decided to become a post-undergraduate student in the SCNU Applied Molecular Spectroscopy and Remote Sensing Group, under the co-supervisions of Prof. Katarina Svanberg and Prof. Sune Svanberg. In the second year, he applied for scholarship and became an exchange student at the Lund Laser Centre, LLC, in Lund, Sweden for six months. After three years work in Sune’s group, he had five publications and one patent based on what he has done.

Synergia: “SYstem change for New Ecology-based and Resource efficient Growth with high tech In Agriculture”