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Title: SensorChip

Researchers: Dexter Manalili, Simona M. Cristescu
Cost estimate:
Funding: 5 M€
Project partners: Lionix International, Phix, Chilas, Qurin Diagnostics, Surfix Diagnostics, Bronkhorst, Sensor Sense, University of Twente
More information: Flyer (pdf, 274 kB)

Development of gas, liquid and biosensors based on micro-photonic chips

In the “SensorChip” project, new sensors are being developed for measuring liquid and gas flows, the composition of gases and the presence of biomarkers in body fluids accurately. These new sensors have in common that they are based on the technology of micro-photonic chips, made in the TriPlex® photonic technology of partner Lionix. The application of this technology is a new challenging implementation of measuring the movements of microfluidic channels with light, as well as the interaction of light with liquids and gases to determine their composition. The project will develop:

- Optically read micro-coriolis flow sensors
- Sensors for determining the composition of (bio)gas
- Sensors for the detection of biomarkers for bladder cancer

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