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In our group, we develop and apply techniques and analytical methodologies using state-of-the-art laser-based spectroscopy (e.g. with supercontinuum sources) and mass spectrometry (e.g. PTR-ToF-MS) for a wide range of gas concentrations (from sub ppb level to ppm and percentages). Most of these methodologies are developed for reliable detection and quantification of volatile compounds in a specific application.

More information about state-of-the-art detection limits of the equipment in our lab can be found here.

Breath Analysis

Among the numerous applications of trace gas detectors, the analysis of human breath for (early) diagnosis of diseases has certainly one of the highest potential impacts on public health and quality of life. For instance, detection of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in exhaled breath reflects many metabolic processes in the body. More

Fruit storage and post-harvest research

Monitoring trace gases inside controlled atmosphere (CA) storage facilities is needed to research processes related to fermentation, ripening, and potential damage. More

(Time-resolved) chemical reactions in plasmas

Monitoring chemical reactions in complex media such as plasmas requires dedicated laser-absorption-based techniques. More

Measuring pollutants and outdoor emissions

Detection of molecular gasses at low concentrations is the centrepiece of all applications around laser spectroscopy. It is therefore no surprise that detection of pollutants or other trace gasses in the atmosphere is one of the key applications of these spectroscopic techniques. More