Theology in Nijmegen best Master’s in its field with top score in the Keuzegids 2019

Datum bericht: 29 maart 2019

The Dutch Keuzegids Masters 2019 announced this month that the Theology Master’s programme at Radboud University achieved top marks in the National student survey in the Netherlands.

Dean of the Special Faculty of Theology, prof. dr. Frans Wijsen, explains why Theology in Nijmegen is so worthwhile

Frans Wijsen“When you study Theology in Nijmegen you contribute to developing Christian self-understanding in a very secular, but also pluralistic society. The Netherlands is one of the most secular countries in the world. At the same time, it also has a broad network of faith-based organisations that seek to explore their identities. In trying to understand this complexity, you develop your skills to make use of hermeneutic and empirical methods that Nijmegen is known for, in critical loyalty to the local and global Christian community, in an open academic atmosphere.”

The Dutch Keuzegids

The Keuzegids bases its assessment on criteria such as the contact with teachers, the coherency of the curricula and the quality of the academic facilities. Eighty percent of the assessment is based on student feedback from the National Student Survey and twenty percent is based on the appraisal by the NVAO, the national inspectorate for higher education. Interdisciplinary programmes that receive 75 of the 100 points are ranked at the very top of Dutch academic education and are awarded top programme status. View the scores

Theology specialisations

Our Master’s programmes in Theology (both the 1-year and 3-year tracks) include four or more specialisations to choose from.

Practical Theology

In this specialisation, students are introduced in theological theory-building to understand the dynamics and meaning of lived religion at a personal level, inter-group relations, and at an organisational and societal level. Read more

Biblical Exegesis

How is meaning attributed to biblical texts? By following the Master’s specialisation in Biblical Exegesis, students will be well-equipped with analytical instruments to discern the crucial decision points in giving meaning in a text. Read more

History of Church and Theology

This specialization combines the study of the history of Christianity with the study of the juridical system of the Roman Catholic Church, and analyses historical developments of Christian traditions and discipline, to better understand Christian belief in contemporary society. Read more

Systematic Theology

What is the public relevance of Christian beliefs and doctrines in today’s society? Systematic theology deals in general with the meaning and implications of Christian doctrines. At Radboud University we add the unique focus of public theology. Read more

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