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About our programmes

Theology at Radboud University teaches students to better understand the fundamentals and pluralism of Christianity.

Students study Christianity because it has been an important historical influence in the establishment of European societies, and the meaning of this history remains a relevant question for the ongoing development of society. In a constructive and critical way students are equipped to engage tomorrow’s world, with its cultural and religious diversity.

stempel-beste-opleiding-eng-2019-hrIn 2019, the Master's programme Theology was rated as one of six 'Top Rated Master's programmes' at Radboud University. It also received the best rating of any Theology programme in the Netherlands by Keuzegids Masters. Theology in Nijmegen is also a top 50 subject in the QS ranking by subject.

Bachelor's and Master's programmes

Bachelor's programme

Theologie  - Dutch

The bachelor is also available as a part-time programme and a shortened programme.

Pre-master's programme


Master's programmes

Theology (one-year programme) - English
Theology (three-year programme) - English


  • Biblical Exegesis
    How can we do justice to texts written and intended for audiences in ancient cultures, in times and places that differed greatly from ours? This is one of the questions you will deal with in the programme Biblical Exegesis, where you will investigate the Old Testament and the New Testament in their historical contexts. You will have courses like Exegesis of the Old Testament and Hebrew and Greek.

  • History of Church and Theology
    Are you interested in analyzing historical developments of Christian traditions and in better understanding Christian belief in contemporary society? Then our programme in Church History is the right study for you! You will have courses like Church History and Canon Law.

  • Practical Theology
    How do people articulate their religion in relation to other religions?  How is religious identity transmitted in different institutions (family, church, school)? In the Practical Theology programme you will be searching for traces of meaning in everyday practices, and look beyond traditional shapes of religiosity. You will have courses like Pastoral Theology and Missiology.

  • Systematic Theology
    What is the public relevance of Christian beliefs and doctrines in today’s society? If you are interested in the current meaning and implications of Christian doctrines, Systematic Theology is the right study for you. You will have courses like Dogmatic Theology and Theological Ethics.

Ecclesial degrees

The Faculty collaborates with the Catholic University of Leuven. Within the framework of this collaboration students have the possibility to obtain ecclesiastical degrees in theology in addition to the civil degrees in Theology.