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Academic staff

Dr. Gian Ackermans
Church History and Canon Law

Dr. Inigo Bocken
Philosophy of Religion

Dr. Jorge Castillo Guerra

Dr. Matthijs den Dulk
Exegesis of the New Testament
Topics: New Testament, Early Christianity, Early Judaism

Dr. Joshua Furnal
Systematic Religious Studies
Topics: Kierkegaard, Systematic Theology, Philosophy of Religion, 20th Century Catholic Theology, Religion and Film

Dr. Elisabeth Hense
Research: Theology of Spirituality and Mysticism

Prof. dr. Chris Hermans
Pastoral Theology (Empirical Theology)

Prof. dr. Christoph Hübenthal
Moral Theology (Theological Ethics)

Prof. dr. Daniela Müller
Church History and Canon Law

Dr. Thomas Quartier
Liturgy (Ritual Studies)
Research: Lived Liturgy in Modern Society

Dr. Michael Scherer-Rath
Pastoral Theology (Spiritual Care)

Dr. Carl Sterkens
Pastoral Theology (Psychology of Religion)

Dr. Paul Vermeer
Pastoral Theology (Sociology of Religion, Pedagogy of Religion)
Research: Thriving Christian Communities in the Netherlands

Dr. Seth Bledsoe
Exegesis of the Old Testament
Research: literary and socio-historical character of ancient Jewish and Christian literature, with particular attention to wisdom and narrative traditions

Prof. dr. Frans Wijsen
Missiology (Theology of Interreligious Dialogue)
Research: Cognition in Cross-cultural Christian communication

Prof. dr. Ellen van Wolde
Exegesis of the Old Testament