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Center for Catholic Studies

About us

The Center for Catholic Studies forms a distinguished academic research center with a clear focus on the doctrinal, intellectual, spiritual, and public dimension of Catholicism. It produces qualitatively high research output, organizes academic events, develops valorization activities (including activities concerning the catholic identity of Radboud University), and sustains and extends its academic, societal, and ecclesial networks. For this purpose, the CCS conducts basic research on the catholic intellectual tradition and spirituality. By studying past and present figures, as well as corresponding developments that have shaped and still shape the intellectual and spiritual appearance of Catholicism, the CCS contributes to a – albeit not uncritical – continuation of this tradition.


The current work done by researchers affiliated with the CCS explores past and contemporary problems related to the historical and systematic formation of Catholicism. The historical and the systematic sections work closely together in an attempt to understand and to accompany processes of Catholic self-reflection. An interdisciplinary cooperation with other departments and research groups is also characteristic of the research output of the CCS.


Center for Catholic Studies

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