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Conference Gaudium et Spes

Date of news: 4 January 2016

DSC_0156On 4 December, 2015 The Center for Catholic Studies at Radboud University hosted a one-day conference on this topic. Each speaker at the conference addressed how the theologically informed guidelines in Gaudium et spes (1965) should be interpreted so that they can continue to be received by the Church as a resource for confronting complex issues in our present situations.


Albino Barrera, Professor of Economics and Theology, Providence College, Providence, RI (USA)
Elaine Graham, Grosvenor Research Professor of Practical Theology, University of Chester (UK)
Jan Hendriks, Auxiliary Bishop of the Diocese Haarlem-Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
Herwi Rikhof, Professor em. of Systematic Theology, Tilburg University (The Netherlands)
Johan Verstraeten, Professor of Theological and Comparative Ethics, KU Leuven (Belgium)
Jozef Wissink, Professor em. of Practical Theology, Tilburg University (The Netherlands)

Photo's of the conference can be found here.