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Student Research Trip to Institutum Carmelitanum

Date of news: 1 June 2016

Recently, Dr Elisabeth Hense led a research trip to the Institutum Carmelitanum in Rome along with some PhD and MA students to study first-hand the setting and manuscripts of the Carmelite mystic, Maria Petyt (1623-1677).work with codex

On this research trip, Dr Hense enhanced the student learning experience outside the classroom in a creative way as students were able to examine Latin translations of Petyt’s spiritual diaries and some letters written about her in Latin by her spiritual director, Michael of St Augustine.

The students reported that deciphering these fascinating documents was very exciting since they reveal more information about the way Maria Petyt gained an amazing spiritual authority in her religious order, despite being quickly forgotten after the death of her spiritual director.

Letter of Michael of St Augustine about Maria Petyt

The students also learned about Teresa of Avila and Maria Magdalena de Pazzi, who were both important role models for Maria Petyt. The group stayed at the Centro Internazionale Sant’Alberto, and they were able to visit the Curia of the Carmelites, and experience the interesting aspects of Rome’s Catholic heritage.

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