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CCS Symposium: Catherine Keller and Public Theology

Date of news: 2 October 2017


Between the Mystical and the Political

There is a growing interest that contemporary (Western) theologians and philosophers of religion have in the 'apophatic' or mystical traditions in Theology. These traditions are relevant to debates about how to speak in a different, public and politically relevant way about God.

This symposium will discuss Prof. Catherine Keller’s recent book Cloud of the Impossible, Negative Theology and Planetary Entanglement (Columbia University Press 2015). Prof. Keller's proposal is one of the most theologically creative and interesting publications in this area not least because of her intensive use of the late medieval philosopher, mystical writer, and bishop Nicholas of Cusa.

Towards an Apophatic Political/Public Theology

This symposium will gather together a select international group of interested experts in the field for a ‘round table’ discussion.

Prof. Catherine Keller will introduce her project and highlight the meaning and function of Cusanus for her political theology and her view of God. This will be followed by two reactions to Keller’s proposal by:

  • Prof. Inigo Bocken (Radboud University) who is the Director of the Titus Brandsma Institute, a philosopher of religion, and a Cusanus expert.
  • Prof. Christine Büchner (Hamburg University) who is an expert in Systematic Theology and Meister Eckhart.

In the afternoon, there will be three short presentations from different perspectives by:

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Prof. Maaike de Haardt