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Contemplation in the Carmelite Tradition

Date of news: 20 February 2017

In January, Dr. Elisabeth Hense was invited to present a paper during the third conference on ‘Contemplation in the Carmelite Tradition’, which was organized by the Institutum Carmelitanum at Centro Internazionale Sant’Alberto (CISA) in Rome.

Dr. Elisabeth Hense

Dr. Hense’s paper was on the theme of contemplation in the works of Adrianus Hecquetius (1510-1580), who was a Flemish Carmelite preacher and poet from Crépy (France).

Although Hecquetius is not considered a Carmelite virtuoso on the topic of contemplation, Dr. Hense argued that he is still important because he summarized what was generally understood as contemplation in the 16th century.

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