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Daniela Müller keynote at Medieval Studies Day 2017

Date of news: 3 October 2017


On 27 October, Prof. Daniela Müller will give a presentation at Radboud University entitled: ‘Ex oriente periculum: Heresy as infectious disease from the East in the perception of Latin Christianity’.

Perceptions of East and West in the Middle Ages

The 23rd Medieval Studies Day 2017 in Nijmegen will address perceptions of East and West in the Middle Ages. Throughout the Middle Ages the three main heirs of the Roman Empire – the European, Byzantine and Islamic Worlds – fought in war and met through pilgrimage, diplomatic and scholarly exchanges and trade. Their experiences and perceptions were written down in a wide variety of sources. They were informed by mutual animosity, but also by interest and curiosity. The Medieval Studies Day will explore the diverse and sometimes contradictory perceptions of East and West.

For more info, contact: ozsmed@rug.nl

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