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PhD student Esther van de Vate presents Research in Belgium

Date of news: 3 November 2017


On 1 December, Esther van de Vate (PhD student, Radboud) will present a paper at the University of Antwerp about the historical background of the spirituality and writing process of the mystic Maria Petyt.

The colloquium Vrouwelijke mystici aan het woord takes place at the University of Antwerp and it commemorates the anniversary of Jan van Ruusbroec's death (2 December 1381). During this colloquium, the legacy of four female mystical writers is explored: Marguerite Porete († 1310), Maria Petyt († 1677), Theresia van Lisieux († 1897) and Simone Weil († 1943).

The Mystical Life

Mystical women are often associated with a secluded life, turned into their own soul or behind the walls of a monastery. For the women who were writing among them, this image is too limited. Their words carry them over the boundaries of their confined existence.

The conference is organized by the Ruusbroec Institute at the University of Antwerp in cooperation with the University Centre Saint-Ignatius Antwerp.

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