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Prof. Maaike de Haardt presents research in the Netherlands

Date of news: 9 April 2017

On 25 March, Prof. Dr. Maaike de Haardt led a weekend workshop for the Oecumenische Vrouwensynode about the feminist theological legacy of Catharina Halkes. Her talk was entitled, ‘Waait de Geest nog even vrij?’.

maaike-de-haardtFeminist Theology & Multiculturalism

On 26 April, Prof. de Haardt will present her research during a paper entitled "Visions of Cosmopolitan Conviviality: Practices of Resilient Divine Presence” at the PTHU international conference in Groningen entitled New Quests for God.

On 3 May, Prof. de Haardt will give a lecture entitled "Religion and Emancipation in a Multicultural and Multi-religious Society" for the Young Progressive Thinkers student group at Radboud University.

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