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CCS Research Impact on New Vatican Sport Document

Date of news: 1 June 2018

Research by Prof. Christoph Hübenthal, co-director of the Center for Catholic Studies and Professor of Systematic Theology at Radboud University has contributed to a new Vatican document published by the Dicastery for Laity, Family and Life entitled ‘Giving the Best of Yourself’, which explores the relationship between sport and the human person from a Christian perspective.

pope francis sport

About this document, Pope Francis writes: ‘Sports is a meeting place where people of all levels and social conditions come together to reach a common aim. In a culture dominated by individualism and the gap  between  the  younger  generations  and  the  elderly,  sports  is  a  privileged  area around which people meet without any distinction of race, sex, religion, or ideology, and where we can experience the joy of competing to reach a goal together, participating in a team, where success or defeat is shared and overcome’.

Giving the best of yourself

Pope Francis continues: ‘Sport is a very rich source of values and virtues that help us to become better people. Like the athlete during training, practicing sport helps us to give our best, to discover our limits without fear, and to struggle daily to improve. In this way, “to the extent that each Christian grows in holiness, he or she will bear greater fruit for our world”. For the Christian athlete, holiness will, therefore, consist in living sports as a means of encounter, personality formation, witnessing, and proclaiming the joy of being Christian with the people around oneself’.