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Becoming a Postgraduate in Theology

Important Information

At Radboud, Theology is carried out in conversation with a community of philosophers, historians, exegetes, and sociologists of Religion in our Faculty, which broadens our perspective, facilitates self-criticism, and enables scholars to stay connected with current events and pressing issues in our society.

Why Study with the Center for Catholic Studies at Radboud University?

  1. To engage in the scholarly task of interpreting the historical roots of Christianity to discern the enduring relevance of Christian beliefs, practices, and values for the flourishing of modern society.
  2. To work alongside scholars that employ diverse methods and rigorous scholarship across a number of fields:
    • Systematic and Historical Theology
    • Church History and Canon Law
    • Biblical studies and Early Christianity
    • Philosophy of Religion and Ethics
    • Religious Studies and Practical Theology
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