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PhD Research

Current PhD Students supervised by CCS Members

  • Okihito Utamura - Marcantonio Zimara's Tabula dilucidationum in the teaching of Aristotle and Averroes
  • Dirk Heinze, The Bibles commissioned by Emperor Constantine
  • Rafael Isharianto - Vincentian Modes of Evangelization
  • Esther van de Vate - The spirituality and writings of Maria Petyt
  • Dries de Moor - Kwaliteit van leven: dagbesteding van zorgboerderijen
  • Gerard Reinhold, The bell-foundry Otto (Hemelingen/Bremen)
  • Anne Siebesma - Schillebeeckx & Political Theology
  • Jurijn Timon - Catholic Identity of Radboud University

Radboud PhD Alumni Supervised by CCS Members

  • Christiane Alpers - Edward Schillebeeckx's Christology as Public Theology
  • Ad Poirters - An Archaeological Interpretation of the Traces of Rector Arnoldus Beckers (1772-1810) in Books from the Convent of Soeterbeeck
  • Ellen Boleij – Weaving a Thread in the Web of Human Relations

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