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The Inquisition in History

The Inquisition was an institution of cruel, fanatical church men that brutally persecuted anyone that dared to think differently. They used horrible torture to exact confessions and burned countless women at the stake for witchcraft. Right? Actually, the historical reality is a bit more nuanced. Take a journey back in time to learn about The Inquisition in History. Get the facts right and confront the myths, including that big one: the 'Black Legend'.

To aid in this journey, we have provided three articles which offer a concise and helpful overview of some of the background information relevant to better understand the film papers. All articles contain links to further explanation of important concepts.

The Inquisition: An Overview

The Medieval Papal Inquisition, the Spanish Inquisition and the Roman Inquisition: there was no such thing as 'the Inquisition'. Instead, the act of 'inquisition' and its procedure were taken up time and again in different time periods to prosecute those that held so-called heretical beliefs. What did this procedure entail? How do these various Inquisitions differ from one another? And, finally, how do the witch hunts fit into all of this? The Inquisition: An Overview provides you with a concise explanation of the complicated, and controversial, history of inquisition.

The Black and White Legends

We all know that the Spanish Inquisition was a period of murder, torture, and religious control. But was it really? For many people, the Spanish Inquisition is a dark stain on history. For others, the story of the Spanish Inquisition is one of religious purity and pride. Yet, for all its portrayals and myths, little clarity remains. Read on to learn about one of the most successful propaganda campaigns in history, the 'Black Legend', and its inevitable counterpart, the 'White Legend'.

Busting the Inquisitorial Myths

"The Inquisition", as shown in pop culture and exposed in tell-all books, is a myth. It is a combination of propaganda, mystery, and truth. From its rampaging inquisitors to its lawless nature, "the Inquisition" is history at its most malleable. Thinking of "the Inquisition" brings up powerful if not fantastical mental images. If "the Inquisition" is not a real thing, then what is it? Read more to bust the various myths surrounding the act of seeking the truth, or 'inquisition'.