Our education is characterized by a personal approach. Both from our employees and from our students. Among our students care providers in addiction care, health care policy officers, social workers, program makers, nurses and psychologists, as well as spiritual carers, pastors and volunteers from church communities and parishes.

Spiritual Counseling

The Titus Brandsma Institute contributes with a series of lectures to the post-initial 2-year course in Spiritual Counseling, organized in cooperation with the Protestant Theological University (PThU) in Amsterdam. This Spiritual Counseling course is aimed at the knowledge, skills and attitude needed to guide the other person in his or her relationship with God. The participants practice listening and looking at the traces of God in the life of a person, with themselves and with others. To this end, they learn to reflect professionally on their own spirituality and that of another, from the mystagogic dimension of the ministry.

TBI Lectures

Committed and enthusiastic TBI employees provide five lecture series each year for those who want to reflect on their own spiritual path or social spirituality.

Reading Circles

The Titus Brandsma Institute also organizes lectures and reading circles for those looking for depth. The TBI Lectures of 2018 were all about love. Under the guidance of one of our experts, we organize cycles of six reading circles in which we read a basic text by an important author from the Christian mystical tradition. Together with others we follow carefully, page after page, a text that has also magnified our great mystical tradition.

Our courses are usually taught in Dutch. Some activities and reading groups are in English. Please check our Dutch website for up-to-date information.