Studies in Spirituality

Since its initiation in 1991, Studies in Spirituality has become a crucial international voice in the study of spirituality. The journal is published annually by the Titus Brandsma Institute.

The purpose of Studies in Spirituality is to publish academic and specialist articles on spirituality and mysticism, and thus promote spirituality as an academic discipline with a specific object and methodology – a discipline in continuous dialogue with other sciences that may assist in clarifying questions and problems in spirituality.

Since spirituality needs a multi-disciplinary approach, Studies in Spirituality covers a wide spectrum: theoretical questions about spirituality and mysticism; fundamental aspects and phenomena of spiritual transformation; important currents, periods and figures in the different spiritual traditions. The focus is on Judeo-Christian traditions mainly, although not exclusively.

Studies in Spirituality Supplements

The aim of this series is to provide an opportunity for publication of more substantial works of monograph length and collective works on particular themes. Supplements are published in a frequency of about one volume a year

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The most recent supplement is nr. 37: Testimonials to Experience of the Trinity

Studies in Spirituality 32/2022-2023

Studies in Spirituality 32 contains the following articles. An overview of the summaries is to be foundhere. (pdf, 134 kB)

SiS 2022/23

Editorial – In memoriam Prof. Dr. Em. Kees Waaijman o.carm (1942–2023)      1

Rossano Zas Friz de Col
Experience and Transformation in the Christian Lived Experience – An Interpretation            5

Macario Ofilada Mina
Religatio as Process of Projection of Spirituality – The Act as Happening in Modality            35

Christoph Jedan
Death, Spirituality, and a New Contextualised Model of Consolation        61

Jane Foulcher
Marguerite Porete, Annihilation and Trauma – Some Cautions      87

Markus Riedenauer
Krise des Unverfügbaren – Zur spirituellen Relevanz von Hartmut Rosas Resonanztheorie 101

Diego Fonti & Rodrigo Baudagna
The Moth and the Fire – A Reappraisal of Levinas’ Thought on Mysticism and Suffering 129

Inigo Bocken
Mystical Not-Knowing as a School of Thought       153

Francesco Zannini
The Process of Islamization of Asia and the Role of Sufism           173

Robin Moens
In Christi charitate diligere studebat – The Twelfth- and Thirteenth-Century Mulieres Religiosae and Charity: a Secret Love?        191

Huguette Huyghe
The Rule of St. Birgitta of Vadstena – A Dynamic-Structural Analysis     217

Catharina Al
Language as a Unifier in Catherine of Siena’s Mystic Works         247

Krijn Pansters
Spirituality as Process – Four Dimensions of Following Christ in The Imitation of Christ  287

Ad Poirters
Liturgical Sources in De Imitatione Christi  303

Chloe Lynch
‘A Friend Even Though He is Lord’ – Teresa of Avila and the Soul’s Relationship with God     337

Benedict Shoup
John of the Cross’s Spiritual Senses Revisited – A Study in the Epistemology and the Interpersonal Dynamics of Spiritual Sensation in St. John of the Cross     353

Peter Puleo
Neque Nihil – Annihilation in Benet of Canfield’s Rule of Perfection       375

Roman Gruijters
La sainte indifférence in François de Sales, Père Joseph, and Jeanne de Chantal – Indifference as a Mystical Virtue and a Christian Way of Life       399

Michael Plekon
Merton: Stranger or at Home – Alternations and a Vision   423

Essays on Books        439
Book Notices              459
On the Authors           485

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