Studies in Spirituality

Since its initiation in 1991, Studies in Spirituality has become a crucial international voice in the study of spirituality. The journal is published annually by the Titus Brandsma Institute.

The purpose of Studies in Spirituality is to publish academic and specialist articles on spirituality and mysticism, and thus promote spirituality as an academic discipline with a specific object and methodology – a discipline in continuous dialogue with other sciences that may assist in clarifying questions and problems in spirituality.

Since spirituality needs a multi-disciplinary approach, Studies in Spirituality covers a wide spectrum: theoretical questions about spirituality and mysticism; fundamental aspects and phenomena of spiritual transformation; important currents, periods and figures in the different spiritual traditions. The focus is on Judeo-Christian traditions mainly, although not exclusively.

Studies in Spirituality Supplements

The aim of this series is to provide an opportunity for publication of more substantial works of monograph length and collective works on particular themes. Supplements are published in a frequency of about one volume a year

Look here for an overview of all supplements.

The most recent supplement is nr. 37: Testimonials to Experience of the Trinity

Studies in Spirituality 31/2021

Studies in Spirituality 31 contains the following articles. There is an overview of the summaries (pdf, 143 kB).

  • Bernard Bruning & Anthony Dupont – To Be or Not to Be the Same, That Is the Question – The Augustinian Idipsum as the Hinge between Two Modes of Being, the Divine and the Human
  • Pablo Irizar – Sensing Dislocated Belonging – Augustine on the Image of God and Becoming Church in the Expositions on the Psalms
  • Carmela Leonforte Plimack – Interiority in Catherine of Siena and Teresa of Avila
  • Elizabeth Liebert – Interior Motions from a Female Perspective – Their Role in Guiding the Spiritual Exercises
  • Steven Payne – The Dark Night of the Soul, Yesterday and Today – Revisiting John of the Cross’s Classic Text and Symbol
  • Rob Faesen – Jan ‘Pilgrim’ Pullen (1520–1608) on the ‘Supra-essential’ Life
  • Marc De Kesel – A Hand that Mystically Writes – On Madame Guyon
  • Inigo Bocken – Mysticism and Freedom – Alois Dempf’s Critique of Alfred Rosenberg’s Interpretation of Mysticism
  • François Manga – The Identity and the Divine Incarnation – A Mystical Exploration of the Spiritual Experience of Léopold Sédar Senghor
  • Kick Bras – Thomas Merton and Hagia Sophia
  • Theo van der Zee – Language and Silence as Ways of Participating in Educational Practices with a View to Subjectification
  • Herman Westerink – The Subversive Practices of the Desiring Subject – Michel de Certeau between Lacan’s Psychoanalysis and Foucault’s Genealogy
  • Macario Ofilada Mina – Reading and Thematizing the Spirit – Topicalization of Spirit as Knowledge (Science) and Discipline (Art) of the Spirit
  • Book Notices
  • On the Authors

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Prof. Dr. M. Canévet, University of Strasbourg (Em.)
Prof. Dr. J. Dan, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Em.)
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Prof. Dr. R. Elior, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
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Prof. Dr. B. McGinn, University of Chicago (Em.)
Prof. Dr. S. Schneiders, Jesuit School of Theology Berkeley
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For the first time in over 30 years Studies in Spirituality will not appear this year (2022). Instead, a double-volume (32/33) will be published at the end of 2023. The deadline for incoming articles is set at February 1., 2023.

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