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Welcome to the webpage of the database of the BSHMD, the Bibliography of the Spirituality and the History of the Modern Devotion. This searchable database provides bibliographical information on approximately 4000 digitized publications on and about the Modern Devotion, the religious reform movement which had its high point in the 14th through 16th centuries. Traditionally, articles in journals and collected volumes constitute the core of the collection of digitized pdf’s; for books, the titles only are available bibliographically through the database.

Definition of the subject matter
The original database and hard copy collection was set up by our much lamented colleague Rudolf van Dijk O.Carm. He had a broad view on the extent of the influence of the Modern Devotion, in accordance with the principles set out in Ch. 1 of De Moderne Devotie: Spiritualiteit en cultuur vanaf de late middeleeuwen, edited by Anna Dlabačová and Rijcklof Hofman. The database is accurate and complete for the period up to the year 2000, the earliest publications date back to the 17th century, and include for instance Dumbar’s Analecta, seu uetera aliquot scripta inedita from 1719.

Availability of pdf’s for scholarly research
Searchable pdf’s of material in the database are available on request through WeTransfer. Requests can be submitted to . In view of copyright regulations requests for recent publications, defined as a period of 70 years from the actual date of consultation of the database, are handled carefully. It may be the case that we advise scholars to procure for themselves younger publications of which they have become aware thanks to the database through their own institution.

Request for help
The material in the database is fairly complete up to the year 2000. We kindly request anyone consulting the database to send personal bibliographies and lists of output postdating 2000 to . Such bibliographical data will be added to the database. Also, we would be immensely grateful for pdf’s of own output, could you please send these through WeTransfer to .

How can the database be searched?
Next to the magnifier symbol in the upper right margin, a choice is offered between ‘simple search’ and ‘advanced search’. ‘Simple search’ generates all hits for a given search term. A search can be refined through the option ‘Advanced search’. The search term should be entered in the middle field, the right hand field offers the options ‘author; title; impressum; series; journal; headword; year of publication’.

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