About us

The WKRU wishes to strengthen the relationship between the Radboud University, pre-service teacher education and primary education. Our mission is encourage an inquisitive and explorative attitude in both primary school students and (upcoming) teachers. In order to accomplish this, the WKRU organises various  that establish a link between primary schools, pre-service teacher education and researchers of the Radboud University.

a1zdfo-n1-i5v-cwun-tugNationwide network

The Science Education Hub Radboud University (WKRU) was founded in 2009 as the first science education hub in the Netherlands. A science education hub is a collaboration between different primary schools and one or more universities. Often pre-service teacher education is also involved in the hub. Since 2009, already 12 of such Wetenschapsknooppunten have been established around the Netherlands. We share expertise and experiences to strengthen each other on a regular basis. The WKRU regularly hosts presentations and workshops about Science & Technology and inquiry-based learning on national knowledge exchange or expertise days.

Contact us

Duvb-huygensgebouw-1o you want to know more about the Science Education Hub Radboud University? Would you be interested to collaborate with us on an international (research) project? Feel free to contact us!

Email: infowkru@ru.nl
Telephone: +31 24 366 72 22


We primarily focus on developing activities for primary schools and researchers. Occasionally we are also involved in research project related to inquiry-based learning.


The WKRU regularly publishes articles in Dutch journals. In addition, we also publish in international peer-reviewed magazines. An up to date list of all publications can be found here.

Research projects

Additionally the WKRU aims to be involved in (international) research projects related to science education and inquiry-based learning:

From 2014-2017 the WKRU was on of the 19 European partners in the EU-project PARRISE (Promoting Attainment of Responsible Research and Innovation in Science Education). In this research and exchange project, practices regarding the pedagogy of inquiry-based learning were integrated with social issues and civic education. As part of this project the WKRU developed a course for primary school teachers to familiarise them with inquiry-based learning and how this can be employed in citizenship education.

From 2012-2018 dr. Martina van Uum worked on her PhD thesis "Professionalising primary school teachers in inquiry-based science education" at the WKRU. The study focused on open Inquiry-based Science Education (IBSE) and the support and professionalisation of primary school teachers regarding their first encounters with open IBSE. We investigated how teachers can optimise instruction and guidance during classroom practice in order for their students aged 8-12 to achieve learning goals regarding open IBSE.

In addition, the WKRU regularly presents its research activities and developed products at international (scientific) conferences.