The WKRU hosts a variety of recurring events and activities related to science education and inquiry-based learning. Enthusing primary school students for scientific research and connecting primary schools with scientists is the most important goal of our activities. Below you will find an overview of our recurring activities.


Radboud Science Awards

The Radboud Science Awards are annually awarded to the three best, and most important and interesting research projects of the Radboud University and the Radboudumc. During the award ceremony, winners present their research to primary school students. The months after their victory the researchers develop educational activities for primary schools based on their research in a Radboud Science team (see below).


Radboud Science Teams

The Radboud Science Teams consist of the winners of the Radboud Science Awards, colleague researchers and local primary school teachers. Together they develop activities for in the classroom based on the research of the Radboud Science Award winners. The developed activities are presented during the Winter school (see below) and published in the book series 'Scientific breakthroughs in the classroom!'.


Winter school

The Winter School is an annual professionalization-day for teachers about science, science education and inquiry-based learning, visited by roughly 100-180 teachers from across the country. The program consists of inspiring lectures about scientific breakthroughs and workshops regarding inquiry-based learning and curiosity. Three of the workshops are hosted by the Radboud Science Teams.


Researcher in the classroom

Every spring we give primary schools the opportunity to have a young researcher (PhD student) visit them in the classroom. The WKRU supports the researcher in the design of an inspiring and engaging presentation and activities. Every year roughly 30 researchers visit a local primary school to inspire a new generation of scientists.


Workshops for teachers

The WKRU offers team trainings and workshops for local teachers. We strive to design a training programme that is specifically suited to the needs of the school, aiming to strengthen the skills needed to enthuse a curious attitude among their students.


All Schools Unite

This annual event is hosted in collaboration with the other science hubs in The Netherlands. Every year, primary school students across the country participate in this citizen science day where they collect data that is used in actual scientific research. The specific research project changes yearly.


Radboud Kids: Meet the professor

Every five years the Radboud University celebrates their anniversary. As part of the celebrations, professors of the Radboud University visit primary schools in the region by bike and present their research in classrooms dressed in their official toga.