Radboud Science Awards

Every year the Executive Board (cvb) of the Radboud University hands out three Radboud Science Awards to researchers who made a significant scientific contribution to their field. Award winners receive a trophy and develop an outreach activity for primary schools, in collaboration with the Wetenschapsknooppunt Radboud Universiteit (WKRU). This engages young children and their teachers in science, it sparks their curiosity and helps children to further develop their inquisitive attitude. From 2023 onwards, winners define in collaboration with WKRU in which way they want to involve children in their research topic. The outreach activity needs to be in Dutch, but of course this can be teamwork.

Radboud Science Awards algemeen

Call for nominations

All research institutes are asked to nominate possible candidates. A jury will select the three winners based on the impact of the candidates. You are invited to nominate yourself or a colleague by contacting your research director or managing director by the end of February. The deadline for applications by the research institutes is March 10th, 2023, so make sure your nomination is known in time.

Collaboration with primary education

In this video previous winners, and a participating primary school teacher/principal share their experiences of the Radboud Science Awards and their collaboration.