The WKRU develops a wide range of materials to encourage inquiry-based learning such as books with research inspired activities, video's and worksheets.


Book series

‘Scientific breakthroughs in the classroom!’ translates top research projects from the Radboud University and the Radboudumc into activities for the classroom. Our English edition features a range of activites and a guide into inquiry-based learning. A new Dutch edition is published annually.



A poster with the seven phases of inquiry-based learning visualised as a research cycle. An eye-catcher in your classroom that helps to clearly explain the phases to your students.

7x qurious_eng_site

Booklet 7x curious

Curiosity motivates to learn and it helps to remember information. In this booklet we offer seven short activities that you can use to stimulate curiosity among your students.


Question machine

The question machine helps your students to check if a research question is suitable by helping them reflect on elements such as the specificity or formulation of their question.



We have a variety of worksheets and a research workbook available to support the developments of research plans and the implementation of the project.



Curious what it looks like to apply inquiry-based learning in the classroom? Our series of videos explain the pedagogy of inquiry-based learning and show experiences from teachers and students.