Book series

Since 2011, the WKRU has annually published a Dutch book in the series 'Scientific breakthroughs in the classroom!'. The books cover and translate top research projects conducted at the Radboud University and the Radboudumc into activities for in the classroom. They involve research in both the natural and social sciences and humanities.

The books aim to provide (upcoming) teachers with ideas on how to get started with scientific topics in class according to the pedagogy of inquiry-based learning. They can serve as a basis for designing a project, but are also intended as a source of inspiration and example for teachers who wish to bring science into the classroom.

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English edition

A number of chapters from the book series have been translated into the English edition "Languages of the senses, DNA, Understanding each other and Higgs boson". Using a reading guide, our guide inquiry-based learning and thematic chapters, the book allows teachers to independently carry out projects in the classroom. Below you can access the translated chapters or order a hardcopy.

In our book series, the term Inquiry-Based Learning (IBL) is used instead of Inquiry-Based Science Education (IBSE), as our projects are not limited to the natural sciences, but also include social sciences, and humanities research.

Order hardcopy

If you are interested in purchasing a hardcopy at €15,- (excl. shipping costs), please send us an email.

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Overview of book series

The following books have been published in the Dutch book series:

  • Book 1 (2012): Fear, Graphene and Ideas about the beginning
  • Book 2 (2013): DNA, Behaviour and Infections
  • Book 3 (2014): Perceptions and movement, Under influence and Dangerous ideas
  • Book 4 (2015): The Higgs particle, Networks in the brain and The wonder child David Gorlaeus
  • Book 5 (2016): Typical Dutch, Understanding each other and The eye
  • Book 6 (2017): Cold collisions, Stress and Languages of the senses
  • Book 7 (2018): Malaria, Jheronimus Bosch and Memory
  • Book 8 (2019): Clothing, Magnets and Protest
  • Book 9 (2020): Sports, Intelligent computers and Automatic behaviour
  • Book 10 (2021): Living cells, Thought experiments and Human-like machines
  • Book 11 (2022): Religion, Nasal septum and Cooperating senses
  • Book 12 (2023): King, Saving children? and Magnetic knots

The book series is supported by a publication of the guide for inquiry-based learning and the website with additional resources (Dutch only).

More information about the book series can be found here (Dutch only).