Curious what it looks like to apply inquiry-based learning in the classroom? Our series of videos explain the pedagogy of inquiry-based learning and show experiences from teachers and students.

Video modules 'Good Question!'

The WKRU has developed four video modules for teachers in collaboration with the science education hub in Utrecht to bring science into the classroom using an inquiry-based learning pedagogy. The videos feature scientists and teachers who share their experiences with inquiry-based learning.

Module 1: The curious scientist

In module 1, Nienke converses with two researchers from the University of Utrecht and Nijmegen about their work. What do they do exactly and can you also do that in the classroom?

Module 2:  Inquiry-based learning, where to start?

In module 2, we explain the pedagogy of inquiry-based learning. In addition, Nienke visits a school in Utrecht where she accompanies them in class and talks with two teachers about their experiences with giving different projects according to the pedagogy of inquiry-based learning.

Module 3: Inquiry-based learning, what is your role?

In module 3 we will first talk about the question machine. Then a teacher from an elementary school in Utrecht will show how to use the question machine in the classroom followed by a mention of her role as a teacher during this process.

Module 4: How do you like inquiry-based learning

In module 4, a few teachers that have (just) begun or are already experienced with the pedagogy of inquiry-based learning share their experiences.

Videos on inquiry-based learning

These short videos provide impressions of each phase of inquiry-based learning