Most students come to the Radboud Writing Lab because a teacher or supervisor told them about us. So it will help tremendously if you spread the word.

Invite us to speak

5 minute presentation
We can visit during a lecture or tutorial to inform students about the Radboud Writing Lab. This won’t last longer than 5 minutes and we can visit at a time that is convenient for you.

You can free up half an hour of your class time for our mini-lecture Academic writing: tips & tricks. In 30 minutes, we’ll teach the students how to improve their texts and writing process with a few tips.


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Free writing support for students
Would you like to improve your academic writing skills? Visit the Radboud Writing Lab. Discuss your own text with a writing coach, join workshops or participate in a writing week.

Gratis schrijfhulp tijdens je studie
Wil jij betere academische teksten schrijven? Ga dan naar het Radboud Writing Lab. Daar kun je je eigen tekst bespreken met een schrijfcoach, workshops volgen over academisch schrijven of meedoen aan een schrijfweek.