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Talking about your writing assignment with a peer coach, will improve your text. So sign-up quickly for a coaching session with one of our writing coaches.

What kind of text?
Any text. From a first-year writing assignment to a master thesis. It also does not matter what phase of the writing process you are in.

You can register for a coaching session in any stage of your writing assigment, whether you are right at the start or already have started writing.

How often?
You can have 5 coaching sessions for each writing assignment. Each session lasts 45 minutes.

The session takes places at the Radboud Writing Lab. If you prefer an online session, just ask your writing coach directly after you have received our confirmation.

With whom?
Your writing coach is also a student (or PhD student) at the Radboud University. This peer coaching results in an equal and accesible interaction.

How much does it cost?
Nothing. Our coaching sessions are free of charge.

You can enlist the help of a writing coach for various reasons:
- You need help to define your research topic more precisly.
- You doubt if the structure of your text flows logically.
- You want to improve your academic writing style.
- You need help meeting a deadline.
- You need help incorporating the lecturer’s feedback.
- You have got stuck and don’t know how to start writing again.
- You're dyslexic and would like to develop effective writing strategies.


What don’t we do?

Proofreading and editing
We aren’t here to correct your text. If you would like a check on spelling and grammar, you could reach out to paid services as Radboud In'to Languages or Scribber.

Reference lists
Different degrees have different referencing conventions. If you need help with referencing, please reach out to the university library.

Our coaching sessions are not designed to help you with course content relating to your writing assignment. The best person to help you with this is your lecturer or a fellow student.

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