Where do you want to go to?

Most students who want to study abroad for a short time start with little or no idea of where they would like to go. The choices are just about endless and when you first start surfing the net you can quickly drown in an ocean of information. In principle, a work placement experience or joining a summer school can be done anywhere. However, if you want to follow courses at another university it's easiest to go to a university with which our faculty or university has a collaboration agreement in place. This will focus your choice considerably: we have approximately 35 partner universities across Europe and some 80 partner universities outside Europe.

When exploring your options, it may be a good idea to talk it over with one of your lecturers or to read travel reports from your fellow students. It is also vital to consider if the project is financially feasible. For an exchange semester abroad you don't have to pay additional tuition fees. Grants will cover a large part of the costs, however few will meet 100% of your expenses.