Our faculty has a large number of Erasmus agreements with collaborative faculties across Europe. If you study at one of these universities, you will remain registered in Nijmegen and not be liable for the tuition fees at the partner university.

Below is an overview of FTR partners. By clicking on a city (on the map or in the table below) you will find specific information about the university located in this place. Not all agreements cover all FTR students. The map features purple, red and blue icons. PURPLE is for students of all disciplines, RED for philosophers and BLUE for theology and/or religious studies students. Please note: these exchange agreements are set up in specific study areas. Whether you can also choose courses from other areas (and how many), will depend on the policy of the guest university. For every destination there is a limited number of exchange slots per year.

You are eligible for Erasmus+ exchange if you meet the requirements for the Erasmus+ programme.