Outside Europe

A large number of opportunities exist if you wish to study outside Europe. Radboud University has a large number of Radboud-wide exchange agreements  with universities outside of Europe. All Radboud students can apply. An overview is available on the RU International Office website. You can also find the conditions to take part in this programme there.

Studying at one of our faculty's partner universities (PTRS)

Our faculty staff collaborates with academics in Moscow, Stellenbosch, Yogyakarta and Almaty. A number of exchange opportunities have resulted from these contacts.  Stellenbosch University is an option for students in Philosophy. Religious Studies students can visit the Centre for Religious and Cross-Cultural Studies of the Gadjah Mada University in Yogyakarta. All FTR students are welcome to study at HSE in Moscow and KazNU in Almaty. Below, you can find a map which includes all destinations outside of Europe where you can go as a PTRS-student.

Studying at Dutch Scientific Institutes Abroad (NWIBs)

The Dutch Scientific Institutes Abroad (NWIBs) are educational and research centres mostly located around the Mediterranean (Athens, Cairo, Istanbul, Rome, but also Rabat and Saint Petersburg). The institutes are all very different in nature, scale and history, which translates as each harbouring a different approach to student services. Some institutes offer bachelor or masters courses. Other institutes offer summer courses or work experience places with no formal educational framework.

Students of Islam Studies can follow a minor in Cairo or Rabat for the third period of their second year.

If you meet the requirements, you can apply for an Individual Travel Grant to cover extra costs.

Internships outside Europe

Internships are not restricted to certain countries or cities, provided you have the exam committee’s permission and are able to get a visa, which is needed in some cases. If you meet the requirements, you can apply for an Individual Travel Grant to cover part of your costs.

Some practicalities

Are you interested? Keep in mind that if you want to arrange a study period outside Europe you preferably start planning and organizing the project at least one year in advance. Also note that for every destination the number of students who can actually go to this destination is limited (due to a limited numer of exchange slots). Please read more on deadlines and the selection procedure in the step-by-step strategy or contact the faculty's International Office for more information.