What period is most appropriate?

Going abroad during your bachelors course

The FTR faculty considers it significant for students to enjoy the opportunity of studying abroad for a while. For this reason, all bachelors programs benefit from a built-in ‘mobility window’ (a period when only optional courses are planned):

  • for PPS this is preferably the first semester of the B3 year (or alternatively the second semester of the B2 year);
  • for Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies this concerns the first semester of the B3 year;
  • for Islam Studies this concerns the third period of the B2 year. The Dutch Scientific Institutes in Rabat and Cairo offer a minor in Arabic during this period.

If it would prove a better fit with your individual study programme, then it is also possible to go abroad outside these periods. However, this will often require additional planning (and possibly a substitution for obligatory courses). If you do wish to approach it this way, always ensure you discuss your plans with the study adviser. For all exchanges, a precondition is that you must have been admitted to the second year and that you have obtained at least 60 ECTS.

Going abroad during your masters course

You can go abroad during your masters course, either to study or perhaps to carry out a work placement assignment. There are no specific periods set apart for this, however plenty of opportunities exist. But please remember always to discuss your plans with your study adviser first.

Going abroad after your study

The Erasmus+ programme offers opportunities to take up a work placement abroad after completing your studies. You can apply for a VSBfonds award to follow an international post graduate course. You can also investigate the many other grants and awards on offer via the ‘Grants Opener’. There is more information on the grants page.