Are you considering a semester abroad? Please start your orientation early and make an appointment at the International Office as soon as possible.

If you are interested in registering for a stay abroad, you can do so via Osiris ("Stay abroad"). Be sure to include a list of (up to) three universities you would like to go to (as their might be more candidates than exchange slots for a destination). In addition we ask you to write a motivation letter.

The OSIRIS-registration deadlines are:

  • January 14th for destinations outside of Europe; this holds for both the first and the second semester (when free places are left after this deadline you can also apply for the second semester before August 14th).
  • For destinations within Europe, the deadline for both the first and second semester is February 29th. Otherwise, please make an appointment with the International Office to discuss individual arrangements for any remaining places.
  • For a semester at a Dutch Scientific Institute, deadlines are different. Please email the International Office FFTR for more information.

After the registration deadline, we will inform you within a couple of weeks for which university you are selected.

Only after registration in OSIRIS and selection you will start your application at the partner university, your grant request and other practical preparations. There will be ample time for this.

Did you miss the deadline? Often there are still good possibilities to go abroad, although the choice will be somewhat limited. Please contact the International Office FFTR in this case.