Grants and awards

If you go abroad your expenses will obviously change.

You pay your tuition fees at Radboud University, make travel costs to arrive at and travel within your new host city, rent a room there, spend money on daily expenses and possibly on visa, insurances and vaccinations.

On the other hand, you might be able to sublet your room in Nijmegen, keep your DUO study loan and request for a compensation of your public transport student card. Besides - if you meet the requirements - you will receive a grant.

Grants and conditions for taking part in an exchange programme will depend on your destination.

Erasmus+ programme

For destinations within Europe threre are options to join the Erasmus+ programme. More information regarding the conditions for taking part in the Erasmus+ programme and more information on the levels of the amounts of the grants can be found here.

Holland Scholarship

The Holland Scholarship is awarded by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science in cooperation with 48 Dutch universities and universities of applied science. The grant is aimed at students who wish to study at one of the Radboud University's partner universities outside the European Economic Area (EEA). More information regarding the conditions for taking part in the Holland Scholarship programme and more information on the levels of the amounts can be found here.

Individual travel grants

Radboud University also supports students who wish to study (or go on a work placement) abroad for a couple of months, but who do not qualify for a grant from the Erasmus+ programme, from the Holland Scholarship or from any other source. You can find more information on the conditions on their website.

Summer grants

Every year the FTR faculty makes summer grants available for students who wish to follow a Summer School programme abroad (or an internationally oriented Summer School in the Netherlands). Find more information on Summer Schools and the grant options here.

Radboud Honours Academy

As a masters student you can also apply for a grant at the Radboud Honours Academy to fund your research project at a foreign university of your choice. In consultation with your Nijmegen supervisor you can source a suitable place and submit an individual research proposal. In principle this funding is available to everyone; there is (yet) no requirement to be registered for the Honours programme. However this is viewed as an extracurricular activity and no ECs will be awarded. You will get a special Honours certificate.


Every year VSBfonds provides grants to (mostly Dutch) students who after completing a bachelors or masters degree at a Dutch university wish to study abroad or do international research (but not a work placement). Read more (in Dutch) and contact the faculty International Office for more grant options for a follow-up study abroad.

BUTEX scholarship

For various destinations in the United Kingdom, it is possible to apply for a BUTEX scholarship. Read more about the possibilities here.

The ‘grant opener’

Last but not least you can also search via the grant opener website (in Dutch). You can enter details of your specific wishes to receive a list of the funds available covering your parameters.