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University of Southern Denmark


The University of Southern Denmark (SDU) welcomed the first students to its Odense campus in 1966. Currently there are five faculties and more than 32,000 students of which 20% are foreign students. The university offers many modern and inviting facilities. Beautiful reading and study areas, meeting places, Friday bars and libraries.

Deadlines for Nomination:
Apply for nomination to the International Office Law before 1 March in order to be included in the first nomination round of the next academic year (for both first and second semester exchange) After the first round selection takes place on a 'first come first serve' basis.

(Nomination deadline at the partner: 1 May for semester 1 and 1 November for semester 2)

Each year four students may go on exchange for one semester to SDU.

The home university confirms that the student has the necessary language competency.

Course information:
Exchange students can enroll in Bachelor as well as Master level courses. See all English taught courses overall. Law students are allowed to take 10 ECT's at another faculty, provided that they meet the pre-requisites. Note that law courses are to be found under the Business and Social Sciences faculty.

The SDU guarantees housing for exchange students who apply on time.

Erasmus code:

Practical information:
Fact sheet

Useful links:
SDU - Info for international students

Academic calendar:
First semester: September - January
Second semester: February - June

Finances (on average):
Travel expenses: €130 - €500,-
Living Expenses (rent included): €700, - €850,-
Rent: € 350,-