Faculteit der Rechtsgeleerdheid
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University of Valencia


The Universitat de València was founded in 1499, making it one of the oldest universities in Spain. The Faculty of Law of Valencia has a history dating back to the foundation of the University. As a result, the faculty has a long tradition and a rich history. The university has 3 campuses spread throughout the city. The law school is located on the Tarongers campus, just outside the city center, near the beach.

Deadlines for nomination:
Apply for nomination to the International Office Law before 1 March in order to be included in the first nomination round of the next academic year (for both first and second semester exchange) After the first round selection takes place on a 'first come first serve' basis.

(Nomination deadline at the partner: 31 May for semester 1, 31 October for semester 2)

Each year, 4 students can go on exchange to Valencia for one semester.

Language requirements:
Although the university does not set formal language requirements, it does recommend that students have at least a basic knowledge of the Spanish language, especially if students wish to take courses in Spanish.

Course information:
Visit the faculty website for all available courses. Most courses are taught in Spanish. A few courses have an English group for exchange students.

Students can apply for housing from the university. However, the supply is limited. Check the accommodation website for more information and tips.

Erasmus code:

Practical information:
Fact sheet (pdf, 160 kB)

Useful links:
Exchange website faculty
Exchange website university

Academic calendar: 
First semester: September - late January
Second semester: February - mid June
A Reception Day and orientation program takes place before the start of each semester.

Finances (on average):
Travel expenses: € 75-100
Living expenses (rent included): € 800 - 1.000
Rent: €300-400