Radboud University wishes to optimise the invoicing process to make it as efficient as possible. This is both to your benefit (faster invoice processing) and to the benefit of Radboud University. An invoice must meet a number of requirements that contribute to efficient and effective invoice processing. Always provide the following details on the invoice:

  • Your invoice number;
  • The RU billing address: Radboud University Nijmegen <tenaamstelling eenheid>, Accounts Department Postbus 6751 6503 GG Nijmegen
  • The Radboud University purchase order number;
  • The invoice date;
  • The date on which the delivery was made and/or service rendered;
  • Name and address of the company that made the delivery or rendered the service;
  • Clear description of goods delivered or services rendered;
  • Volume of goods or services
  • The compensation amount;
  • Sequential number, consisting of one or more number series (e.g. per branch or per month), with which the invoice can be clearly identified;
  • Price per unit for goods delivered or services rendered, excluding VAT, advance payment discounts and other discounts that are not included in the price per unit;
  • Date on which a possible advance payment was made;
  • A specification of the compensation according to applicable VAT rate or (if applicable) a specification of each exemption;
  • Stating any exemptions (if applicable);
  • The VAT amount;
  • The VAT rate;
  • Statement as to whether the VAT is shifted to Radboud University;
  • Your VAT identification number; and

If the taxes have been filed by an external tax accountant, his/her name, address and VAT identification number.