Purchasing policy

Radboud University Purchasing Policy Adopted by the Executive Board and in effect as of 2 March 2015

Click here (pdf, 124 kB) for a PDF version of the Purchasing Policy

Principles of the purchasing policy

The ‘Radboud University Purchasing Policy’ lists the following principles:

  1. Purchasing encompasses every activity for which Radboud University receives an invoice.
  2. The scope of the Purchasing Policy encompasses all organisational divisions of Radboud University.
  3. The Purchasing Policy focuses primarily on how and from whom a purchase is made, rather than on what is being purchased.
  4. The purpose of the Purchasing Policy is to ensure that all purchases are legitimate, efficient and effective and that they are in line with the objectives, strategy and core values of Radboud University.
  5. Radboud University adheres to the ‘comply or explain’ principle: deviations from the Purchasing Policy are possible, within the boundaries of the law, provided they are sufficiently motivated and approved in advance by the Executive Board.

Additionally, various topics are described, the most important of which are briefly listed below, including references to the applicable section of the ‘Radboud University Purchasing Policy’.

  1. The first framework: the law;
  2. The second framework: in addition to rules and regulations, Radboud University also upholds its own policy principles for purchasing;
  3. The third framework: Radboud University upholds its own principles for the (administrative) organisation of the purchasing function;
  4. The selection of the purchasing procedure is based on the procedure selection guideline;
  5. Entering into purchasing agreements is done through iProcurement in BASS-FinLog.
  6. Control and monitoring.

The Purchasing Department will work together with the faculties and departments! This means that the Purchasing Department’s key objectives are providing excellent service and, thereby, contributing to the objectives of the internal clients.