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National Taiwan University


National Taiwan University (NTU) is the flagship university of Taiwan. Dedicated to excellence and leadership since 1928, National Taiwan University has contributed significantly to Taiwan’s rapid development into one of the world’s most competitive economies and democratic societies.

NTU trains the most outstanding students in Taiwan. It is home to a lively community of more than 30,000 students (17,000 undergraduate and 15,000 graduate) developing their talents. On every campus, students can take advantage of the fullest range of academic programs in Taiwan. Among NTU’s many popular courses are its widely acclaimed Chinese language programs.

Deadlines for nomination:
Apply for nomination to the International Office Law before 1 March in order to be included in the first nomination round of the next academic year (for both first and second semester exchange) After the first round selection takes place on a 'first come first serve' basis.

(Nomination deadline at the partner: 15 March for semester 1, 1 October for semester 2)

Each year 4 students may go on exchange to Taiwan for one semester. There is also a Summer School option for this partner faculty!

Course information:
Courses from undergraduate and graduate schools are available for exchange students and are taught in English and Mandarin. Click here to see course schedules.

In addition, exchange students have the opportunity to do a 1-2 week internship at a court of law in Taipei.

After application, students receive a residence package containing all neccessary information. The university helps students find accommodation.

Practical information:
Fact sheet (pdf, 387 kB)

Useful links:
Office of International Affairs website

Academic calendar:
First semester: September – mid January
Second semester: mid February – late June

Finances (on average):
Travel expenses: € 900,-  (800-1.200)
Living expenses (rent included): €750
Rent: €300