Manuals RIS

Welcome to the user manuals for the Research Information Services (RIS) interface of Radboud University. The RIS manuals cover the following topics, each of which has its own section. The navigation pane on the left takes you to each of those sections.

Main functionalities
This manual gives you an overview of the RIS interface and explains the icons used. It further introduces its main functionalities, such as add result, export and filter & sort.

Writing a data management plan
Here you can find information on how to register and write a data management plan (DMP) in the data management plan tool in RIS.

Registering a publication
This section explains how you can register various kinds of publications using the RIS interface, making them available in the Radboud Repository.

Registering a dataset
Here you can find a step by step guide to registering datasets that have already been archived in a repository.

Adding full text to a publication
This manual explains how you can upload the full text of your publication and thus make it available in the Radboud Repository using the RIS interface.

RIS publication list on profile page
Here you can find how you can visualise your RIS publication list on your personal profile page.

Adding your RIS publications to ORCID
This manual explains how you can add the publications you have registered in RIS to your ORCID account.

Note: for the best performance use Edge or Chrome when logging on to the RIS interface.