Adding full text to a publication

Once you have registered a publication in RIS , it is possible to upload the full text to this publication. If permitted by copyright, the full text of your publication will be accessible worldwide free of charge through the Radboud Repository and will be archived permanently in the e-Depot of the National Library of the Netherlands. The staff of the University Library will perform a copyright check to determine whether this is allowed. This manual explains the process of uploading the full text to a publication in RIS.

Step 1: Getting started

Ensure that the publication that you would like to upload the full text to has already been registered in RIS. If your publication has not been registered in RIS yet, you should do this first (see the manual on registering a publication).

Step 2: Uploading your full text

There are two ways in which you can upload the full text to a publication in RIS. Both methods will lead you to the upload screen of the Radboud Repository where you can upload your full text.

Method 1

Next to each publication on your RIS result overview homepage, you can find an upload button Icon_upload. This will direct you to the upload screen in the Radboud Repository.

Note: if the document icon Icon_document is displayed in in front of the upload button Icon_upload, this indicates that a full text might already available for the publication in question. Please click on the icon and see where it leads you. If the link points to the Radboud Repository, you do not have the upload a full text. However, if the link refers to the publisher's website, it is recommended to upload the full text of your publication to the Radboud Repository.

Method 2

A second method for uploading the full text can be accessed by clicking the publication you want to upload a full text to in the result overview screen in RIS. Details of the publication will then be presented to you. To add the full text to this publication, click the upload full text button in the top menu bar:


This will direct you to the upload screen in the Radboud Repository.

When uploading your full text, please pay attention to the following.

  • Upload limit: You can upload text files up to 125 MB in size. Larger files can be sent to by means of a free service for sending files, such as SURFfilesender. You can also contact the RIS servicedesk in case you need assistance.
  • File version: Please let us know which version of the publication you have uploaded. This information is necessary to perform the copyright check. If the publisher’s version is not allowed to be published in open access, many publishers permit the release of author’s versions. This is a version ­– a preprint or postprint – that has not yet been copy-edited by the publisher. When it is not certain or known which file version you uploaded, choose the corresponding option in the upload screen and the University Library team will try to determine the publication type for you.

Step 3: Copyright check by the University Library team

After you have uploaded the full text, the University Library team will carry out a copyright check. If copyright permits, your full text publication will be placed freely accessible (i.e., Open Access) in the Radboud Repository. You will receive a mail with a link to the publication in the Radboud Repository. In case an author’s version is stored, the complete data of the publisher’s version are always mentioned in Radboud Repository.

In case the copyright check shows that you are not allowed to place the delivered version of your publication in Open Access, the full text will be placed under embargo. It is possible to write a Letter of Consent. With this letter you can ask the copyright holder – in most cases the scientific publisher – permission to make the full text of your publication publicly accessible via the Radboud Repository.