During the mobility form / change form

What is the Change form?

If (some of) your courses overlap, a course is disappointing or if a course is no longer on offer, you can submit changes by completing the Change Form. The Change form (CF) is a form to make changes to the proposed study programme as mentioned in the LA. The document must be as filled in as possible.

Who will sign this form?

Your CF will be signed by you, the host university and International Office Arts. Upon completion, request approval from the examination board.

Handing in the Change Form


Studying abroad with an Erasmus grant? Since January 2023 all Learning Agreements for study abroad with Erasmus+ are filled out online, in Osiris. Click here for the manual on how to make changes to your Learning Agreement.

Other grants/arrangements

In order to have your Change form signed by Radboud University International Office Arts (the sending institution), please fill out the form below. If you have a deadline for handing in your CF, please make sure you send it to us in time, taking into account a processing time of at least two weeks.

Before submitting your CF, please read the following requirements:

  • The CF is in DOCX Format
  • The CF is an official document that students are responsible for, so it needs to be as accurate and correct as possible.