Learning Agreement

What is the Learning Agreement?

The Learning Agreement (LA) is a document that lists the courses you would like to take at your host university. It is required for the grant application and sometimes for registration at the host university. A signed Learning Agreement means the courses are approved by both Radboud University and your host university. The document must be filled in as complete as possible.

If you want tot change courses during your stay abroad you can do so through our During the Mobility form. You do not have to resubmit a new Learning Agreemeent.

Here are a few recommendations to help you draft up the Learning Agreement:

  • Make sure to have some consistency in the courses you will be taking.
  • We recommend to not only take beginners courses / introductory courses, but to choose an acceptable level of courses.
  • Try to minimalize the overlap in courses you already took at Radboud University.

Who will sign my Learning Agreement?

Your Learning Agreement will at first be signed by yourself, then by International Office Arts* and lastly by the host university. You will also need to send the fully signed document to the examination board. Make sure to always check the requirements of the EER (In Dutch: OER) for any requirements on the programme abroad. The amount of credits you need depends on your individual programme. Should you have questions about this, contact your student advisor.

It is probable that you will also get a Learning Agreement from your receiving institution that also needs to be signed by us. However, we still need you to sign and send our Learning Agreement, as well as your receiving institution’s.

*If you're a student of the Research Master Historical, Literary and Cultural Studies the tutor will sign the Learning Agreement. *If you’re going abroad for an internship, your supervisor will sign the Learning Agreement.

How do I hand in my Learning Agreement?


Going abroad with an Erasmus grant? Since January 2023 all Learning Agreements for study abroad with Erasmus+ are filled out online, in Osiris. Click here for the manual on how to submit your Learning Agreement. Once you've submitted your Learning Agreement, the International Office gets a notification. If approved, we will sign your Learning Agreement digitally and it will be forwarded automatically to your host university. Once your Learning Agreement has been approved by the partner university, it is final. Any changes you wish to make after that, have to be done via a Change Form in Osiris.

Other grants/arrangements

In order to have your Learning Agreement signed by Radboud University, Faculty of Arts (the sending institution), please fill out this form. If you have a deadline for sending your Learning Agreement, please make sure you send it to us in time.

Before submitting the Learning Agreement; please read the following requirements:

  • The Learning Agreement is in DOCX Format
  • The Learning Agreement is an official document that students are responsible for, so it needs to be as accurate and correct as possible.

Please check the document that is applicable to your grant application to make sure you have filled out the Learning Agreement correctly: