Step-by-step guide

1 - Orientation
Spending time abroad is a valuable addition to your studies, but what exactly can you do and where can you go? And who can help you make the right choices? Read more about why and when to go abroad.

2 - Make a choice
Dive into our overview of destinations and pick one. Whatever you go for, find a destination that suits you and make sure you are able to motivate your choice.

3 - Application and deadlines
If you are interested in applying for a stay abroad, please do so via OSIRIS Stay Abroad. You start your application procedure by clicking on New request under Stay abroad. Be sure to include a list of (up to) four universities you would like to go to. In addition we ask you to write a motivation letter, for which you can find guidelines here (docx, 22 kB). We also ask for an overview of your budget. The deadlines to apply are:

Destinations outside Europe No later than 14 january
Destinations in Europe No later than 28 February

NB: German Language and Culture are asked to apply before 9 September

After registering you should sign up for the study abroad minor through Osiris in the relevant period.

4 - Placement and nomination
After the application deadline, International Office Arts in cooperation with academic coordinators (and if necessary with colleagues from other departments and faculties, depending on the university) will decide which students go to which universities. To decide this we look at your motivation, grades and study progress. We do our very best to place you as soon as possible but keep in mind that this can be quite a puzzle and may take a while. Those who registered before 15 January usually hear from us in February. Students who registered before 1 March receive a message by the end of March.

After you have been placed, you should wait for an official nomination by Radboud University. This is done in an email to your host university (we CC this email to you) or via an online platform. The host university provides you with information on their application procedure.

5 - Registration at host university and selecting courses
Once you have received said email, you are allowed to start the application process at our partner university. Even though we nominate you, you will have to do the registration yourself. Make sure to check the deadlines. Some of these are already in May, so start collecting information and documentation in time. Consult the course catalogue and fill in your Learning Agreement (an overview of the courses you take), which is a compulsory element of all grant applications.

6 - Grant application
At Radboud University, three grants are available for outbound exchange students. After you have applied in Osiris, International Office Arts will indicate which grant you are eligible for. For additional information, please consult our page on grant information.

7 - Apply for ov-compensation
As your student travel product is useless when studying abroad, you have the option to apply for the so-called ov-compensation. If you submitted a grant application, the central International Office will automatically provide you with a pre-signed and stamped DUO form, which you only have to complete and submit to DUO yourself. In case you are not eligible to receive a grant you should download the form yourself through the DUO website and stop by International Office Arts (E7.21) to collect a signature. Make sure to cancel your student travel product before you leave at an ov-spot.

8 - Accommodation and subletting your room
Check with your host university whether or not they arrange accommodation for you and what the deadlines and requirements are. If you decide to search for a room on the private market, perhaps student testimonials could come in handy.

Planning on subletting your room while you are abroad? The central International Office offers the opportunity to connect you with an incoming exchange student that is looking for a room. Want to know more about the requirements? Click here for additional information.