Step-by-step guide

1 - Orientation
Apart from studying abroad, you can also choose to do an internship abroad. In addition to gaining work experience, you will have the chance to immerse yourself in a new country. These two experience combined will give you a real leg up on the labour market. An internship allows you to spend a certain period of time in order to become familiar with the way a company works. You will learn more about the professional field of your discipline and about the company culture and you will eventually be able to answer the question, “Do I like this kind of work?”. This experience is valuable for your future career. What exactly can you do and where can you go? And who can help you make the right choices? Our colleagues at Career Service Arts will gladly help you answer such questions. It is possible to make an appointment with the internship coordinator. Career Service Arts is also responsible for drawing up internship contracts.

2 - Internship registration
For further information on the internship procedure, please visit the website of Career Service Arts.

3 - Grant application
At Radboud University, two grants are available for outbound exchange students doing an internship. For additional information, please consult our web page on grant information.

4 - Apply for ov-compensation
As your student travel product is useless when studying abroad, you have the option to apply for the so-called ov-compensation. If you submitted a grant application, Radboud International will automatically provide you with a pre-signed and stamped DUO form, which you only have to complete and submit to DUO yourself. In case you are not eligible to receive a grant you should download the form yourself through the DUO website and stop by International Office Arts (E7.21) to collect a signature. Make sure to cancel your student travel product before you leave at an ov-spot.

5 - Accommodation and subletting your room
Check with your host university whether or not they arrange accommodation for you and what the deadlines and requirements are. If you decide to search for a room on the private market, perhaps student testimonials could come in handy.

Planning on subletting your room while you are abroad? Radboud International offers the opportunity to connect you with an incoming exchange student that is looking for a room. Want to know more about the requirements? Click here for additional information.