What is the Conversion Form and Transcript of Records (ToR)?

>>Please note that as of September 2024 the Faculty of Arts no longer converts the grades that you obtained abroad. We only convert credits to ECTS.<<

Not all universities work with ECTS and the same grading system as Radboud University. After returning home, courses are not automatically added to Osiris. You will want to validate the credits you obtained after you return to Nijmegen. In order to do so, you need to submit a request to the Examination Board. For this request you need a signed Conversion Form.

Be sure to include the following attachments:

  • A certified overview of the course credits (and EC) you obtained abroad (Transcript of Records). This document needs to be signed by your host university.
  • If not included in your Transcript of Records: a short description of the grading system used by the host university.
  • Optional: A certificate for a (language) course that's not on your Transcript of Records.
  • A Conversion Form that has been partly filled in by you. You can find the document here (docx, 58 kB).

Who will sign my Conversion Form and ToR?

Your Conversion Form will be completed and signed by International Office Arts. In order to do so, you can submit your ToR and Conversion Form here. We will sign it as soon as possible (approximately 2 weeks).

Handing in the Conversion Form / ToR

In order to have your Conversion Form and ToR signed by Radboud University, Faculty of Arts (the sending institution), please fill out this form. If you have a deadline for your Conversion Form, please make sure you send it to us in time.

Before submitting the Conversion Form, please read the following requirements:

  • The Conversion Form is in DOCX Format
  • The Conversion Form is an official document that students are responsible for, so it needs to be as accurate and correct as possible.