During and after your stay

Changes to your course package
If (some of) your courses overlap, a course is disappointing or if a course is no longer on offer, you can submit changes by completing the During Mobility Form (Erasmus+ students). All other students are welcome to use the Change Form. Either way, the form has to be signed by you, the host university and International Office Arts. Upon completion, request approval from the examination board.

Completion of your grant application
If you receive an Erasmus+ grant, Holland Scholarship or Individual Travel Grant, we will send you an email about the last steps you need to take in order to receive the remaining part of your grant. For more information about your grant, you can also check the website of Radboud International.

Validating credits obtained abroad
You will want to validate the credits you obtained after you return to Nijmegen. In order to do so, you need to submit a request to faculty examination board. Be sure to include the following attachments:

  • A copy of the final version of your Learning Agreement, including During Mobility or Change form (all signed)
  • A certified overview of the course credits (and EC) you obtained abroad (Transcript of Records)
  • If not included in your Transcript or Records: short description of the grading system used by the host university
  • A conversion form that has been completed and signed by International Office Arts

Would you like to know how credits and grades obtained abroad are converted to the Dutch system? This conversion table developed by Radboud University serves as a guideline.