At Radboud University, three grants are available for outbound exchange students:

After you have applied via Osiris, International Office Arts will indicate in Osiris for which grant you are eligible. After you know where you are going on exchange, you will receive an email stating you may start your grant application. Grants are awarded by the central International Office. Therefore, specific information can be found on their website. Click one of the links above to read additional information.

Would you like to learn more about external scholarships? Have a look at Nuffic's Beursopener (this tool is only available in Dutch). This search engine will help you find grants that fit your specific study programme and/or destination.

Learning Agreement
For any of the grants mentioned above, drawing up a Learning Agreement is compulsory. On this document, the courses you would like to take when you are abroad are listed. In most cases this document will be sent to you via email. Setting up your Learning Agreement takes time, especially due to the fact that you have to choose your courses and collect the necessary signatures. Your Learning Agreement must be signed by the following people in the following order: you, International Office Arts, the host university (the easiest method is to scan your Learning Agreement and send it by email). Tips for filling out this document can be found here (docx, 56 kB).

Your Learning Agreement must be approved by all parties before you can go abroad. After the document is fully signed, the examination board will also need to receive the document. You can submit a request via the STIP website. Students Communication and Information Studies form an exception: approval of your study abroad coordinator is sufficient.

Disabilities and going abroad
Do you have a disability and do you plan on studying abroad within Europe? If so, you may qualify for an additional grant to cover any extra costs. More info can be found on this page. If you think you might be eligible, please contact